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Be Our Valentine

Another holiday is upon us! The traditional day for lovers to exchange gifts has transitioned into a day of gifts for anyone you love including your parents, partners and kids. Some will celebrate Valentines Day in all it's glory while others will embrace "Galentines Day" a total excuse to grab dinner and enjoy quality time with your friends. We welcome both! Although the holiday comes with some hesitation as we just turned the corner from celebrating Christmas/Hanukkah which means your house is bursting at the seams with toys; some still unopened and most have lost their thrill in the past month. The thought of getting more "stuff" is overwhelming, but we still want to celebrate and buy something for our kids for Valentine's Day. So when we received a message from a HH follower asking for non-toy ideas for kids for the upcoming holiday we jumped at the opportunity to put together a blog post!

The best advice we have is keep it simple and make it fun. Try following our rule of including these items; a book, a snack/treat and something "to do" like a craft, art supplies, puzzle, or to build/create/explore. You can never have enough pajamas so a pair can always be added into the mix too! Try thinking of something your kid loves and center your gift around that. For example Sonny is really into Trash Truck, A Netflix series, and recently got the cutest trash truck pajamas, book and little truck. All perfectly themed and useful items he still loves! Also, this is a great time of year to purchase new board games. Kids will be extra excited for family game night while we are all still stuck indoors because of the cold. If you're looking to really WOW the kids add some balloons. The Dollar Tree has a great selection including solid color pink and red hearts. What kid doesn't love balloons?

Valentine Books

Valentine Gift Ideas - Kids

Got older kids, tweens or teens to buy for? Try some Valentine's themed treats like the Dylan's Candy Bar Tackle Box, Sour Patch Kids Hearts or Trader Joe's Gummy Xs & Os! For little ones Annie's fruit snacks and YumEarth are sure to be a hit.

Valentine Gift Ideas - Adults

Looking for ideas for your significant other? Check out our holiday season gift guide. We have everyone on your list covered from beauty buffs to tech gurus to foodies! If you are not in the mood to exchange gifts, try an experience with your partner. Schedule a cooking class, book a "staycation" or recreate a special memory together. If you're a homebody and don't like to venture out during the winter months...we get it! One of Katie's favorite date night plans is to spend the night in bed with a comfy pair of pajamas, takeout, wine and a movie!

Valentine Pajamas

Slide to see all our favorite loved themed pajamas that can be worn any time of year!

If you are looking for something to do with kids leading up to the 14th check out this Valentine Affirmation for Kids activity. This simple and inexpensive activity is a great way to show how much you care. We look forward to doing this with our little ones when they get older!

Relationships are important to us as human beings. It's not the gift we are giving but the act of presenting a gift in a loving way. It's the remembrance that you are being thought of on this day. The value of the gift does not matter so if you're not big on monetary gifts there are always DIY options that can be just as heartfelt. Whether you are whipping up some chocolate cover strawberries, writing a poem, watching sweet cartoons, or planning a surprise picnic in the living room, we hope your day is spent filled with LOVE.

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