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No need to state the obvious, we love Disney. We often spend our evenings with Moana, Elsa and more recently Mirabel from Encanto. Last weekend we attended Mickey's Search Party presented by Disney on Ice. The story follows a series of clues to help Mickey and Minnie rescue Tinkerbell from evil Captain Hook. Attendees are asked to verbally participate by shouting out key words. Some of the favorite characters were featured including Mickey, Minnie, Miguel from Coco, The Toy Story cast, Moana, Elsa from Frozen, Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Genie from Aladdin. The transitions between themes were quick and seamless. All three of us had a blast!


Remi will be two in April and I was hesitant to get tickets in fear she would not want to sit and watch the show or not be engaged. Spoiler alert, she LOVED it! For younger ages, I would recommend purchasing tickets close to the ice. I think if we had been further back, she may not have been as engaged as she was. We sat in section 102 on the lower level and I made sure to buy isle seats for an easy exit! There really isn't a bad seat during the show, the cast uses the entire ice featuring characters on stage and at elevated heights. What I thought was going to be just an ice skating show, was filled with tumbling, jumps, lifts and aerobatics. 


I purchased the morning show time slot since she takes her nap in the afternoon. The shows typically last 90-120 minutes. Tons of kids were in attendance and wearing costumes or Disney themed outfits.  I was worried about the  temperatures and that it would be chilly since the show takes place in an ice arena, but the room was very comfortable. We were fine in pants and sweatshirts. There is a small intermission so I made sure to pack a snack and treat to keep us occupied until the lights went back down and it was show time again. Cotton candy and snow cones were also available at the concession stands.  If your kids are antsy, this is the perfect time to step out and take a lap around the arena. 


Highly recommend this show even for younger kids around Remi's age. It was magical to see the look on her face when her favorite characters joined the show. Souvenirs are available for purchase to add to the memory. The performance was perfect and kept her engaged. We cannot wait to go back next year! 

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