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Ciccio Mio 

You know we love a restaurant with some ambiance. At Ciccio Mio you'll find that and more! From the dimly-lit lighting, old-time décor and all around mood, this restaurant gives off the ultimate intimate date night vibes. Located in River North, you can find this cozy Italian restaurant behind Bavette’s and Gilt Bar. When planning to visit be sure to book your reservations ahead of time, availability opens up to two weeks in advance and goes quickly (even same day). Seasonal patio dining is available. COVID safety precautions are implemented. 

HH Recommendations 


The rustic fennel bread, OUTSTANDING! Served with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, giardiniera and a few slices of thinly sliced soppressata. 


Premium burrata with olive oil & balsamic vinegar is life changing. The balsamic is aged 25 years to perfection and drizzled on top! 


The baked artichoke is the ultimate appetizer filled with parmesan-herb stuffing and tonnato sauce. The creamy aioli that accompanies the dish makes the perfect dip. 

Lasagna bolognese rotolo is a great dish to share. It’s three rolled pieces of lasagna covered in a rich bolognese and absolutely delicious.

Spicy vodka rigatoni (table favorite)...the spice was just the right amount and the sauce was very flavorful which covered the al dente rigatoni perfectly. 

Torchio pasta, black truffle, and pecorino is perfect for cheese and truffle lovers. 

Sides: Vesuvio potatoes, chicken jus, garlic confit, oregano and bitter rapini with broccolini, lemon, chili. 

PRO TIP! Order the champagne smash! This item is not on the menu but is a staple at Bavettes and too tasty to pass up! The refreshing drink is a mixture of gin, lillet rosé, mint, lemon and almost too pretty to drink.

Bring back the LOBSTER PASTA! This item is currently off the menu since COVID! 

The great service and delicious menu items makes Ciccio Mio a MUST VISIT!

XO - Katie and Amanda 

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