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Whether you are looking for a rainy day activity or a place to cool off from the summer heat, the Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a perfect option!  Located in Elmhurst one light away from the 290, the space is fun for kids of all ages and easily accessible. 


Last Friday we took the kids to Little Leapers which is designated for smaller kids (ages 5 and under) to play. Parents and caregivers can bring their kids to the toddler zone and not worry about bigger kids or adults accidently injuring toddlers or interfering with playtime. The cost was $16 dollars which included two hours of jump time and socks for mom and tots! We defiantly got a workout with the kids! 

The indoor space features the following:

  • Air Court - air filled floor allows for tricks and stunts that regular courts do NOT! Perfect for basketball and soccer games. 

  • Foam Zone to gain huge air ending in a soft landing

  • Freeclimb harness free wall 

  • Sky Ladder suspended of the foam pit

  • Sky Slam allowing you to jump high and dunk hard

Things we liked, the space was clean and NOT crowded. The kids felt total independence and even felt confident enough to jump off the diving boards into the foam pits. Soundtracks played throughout the facility and Remi was able to recognize a few of her favorite Frozen and Moana songs. Sonny was able to bounce, run and collect glow in dark balls without any restrictions. The tarmac to each trampoline zone was carpeted which was comforting knowing if the kids tripped they were landing on cushioned runways! 

Sky Zone is the perfect party place for kids, teens, or adults. Book a private party room or rent out the venue for group events, fundraising or birthday parties. We can't wait to take the kids back! 

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