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"People who love to eat are the best people."— Julia Child

Food brings people together and some of our best memories are times shared around a table or in the kitchen. Sometimes it's the simplest things in life like enjoying a good meal that give us great pleasure. Exploring new restaurants and dishes is something we enjoy alongside our husbands or solo for a night out with the ladies. The Chicago food scene is like no other and we crave some ambiance and great service! 

Katie - I am not a professional cook, however I thoroughly enjoy grocery shopping for new ingredients and tackling a new dish. It is incredibly satisfying to present a good tasting meal to loved ones. I enjoy replicating family recipes and making memories in the kitchen. When you fail, there is always pizza!  Life gets busy, work days are long and time runs short so on those nights we order for pick up or delivery. 

Amanda - I am a pescatarian who for the most part follows a vegetarian and plant based lifestyle. I have never found cooking to be enjoyable, calming or therapeutic. In my defense I'm not a bad cook but I just feel like it is another chore added to my already long list. I have been forced to start cooking more since we have a baby who is eating solids. I find myself regularly grocery shopping, meal prepping, and cooking meals now. Who am I? One of the benefits to living in the city is we have endless options for delivery and dining. We still order take out as much as we can! 

Join us and take a peek into some of our favorite dishes and dining experiences. 

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