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This past weekend we were transported to Greece as we dined at the new West Loop restaurant called Nisos Mediterranean. Located on Randolph, this spot is modern and trendy while the ambiance is intimate making it perfect for a date night or dinner with a small group. Every dish is an EXPERIENCE and we enjoyed every bit of the meal from the drinks to the food. The first thing we noticed walking in was the amazing interior design. The room was filled with neutral tones and up lighting to showcase authentic décor.   


Service: The Nisos staff is incredibly attentive and knowledgeable of menu items. We took our waiters advice when it came to portion size suggestions. We were advised on favorite starter plates and sharable dishes amongst the table. Huge shoutout to the AMAZING Chef Avgeria!! Thanks for coming out to greet us and making our cheesecake come to life! 


HH Dish Recommendations:

Sea Bass Carpaccio – Lemon Gel, Garlic Blossoms, Beetroot Tapioca Chip 

Horiatiki Salad – Whipped Feta, Tomato, Dehydrated Cucumber, Koulouri 

Salt Crusted Sea Bass - flamed and deboned tableside 

Crispy Airbag Potatoes – Goat Cheese Mousse

Octopus - Fava, Shallot Chutney 

Pavlova’s Cheesecake – White Chocolate Monte, Pistachio Crumble, Strawberry Sorbet, Meringue, Raspberry Powder


The vibes are incredible and the dishes are totally memorable. It can be on the higher end in price dependent on the menu items you choose however it's totally worth it!! This restaurant is simply one of the best Greek Restaurants in town and we can't wait to go back! Nisos certainly fed our souls! 

Cheers X0 - Katie and Amanda 

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