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Princess You The Great

We always say half the fun of being a parent is the opportunity to relive experiences through your children's eyes. Storytime is one of our favorite times of the day and you can see the excitement grow with every new book and story. Our current favorite bedtime story is the Wonderbly book Princess You (Remi) the Great. The age recommendations for this book are 2 to 5 years old.  Buyers have the option to personalize 4 areas of the story including the child's name, character, cover color scheme and a dedicated message. Remi's favorite color is blue so we were thrilled to see a blue cover option! The story transforms your character into five powerful prince or princesses that tackle adventures by being helpful and kind. Along the way your character will meet tons of magical creatures that need their help. Children will learn the power of kindness, creativity, courage and determination.


The book begins with a personal dedication page. This gives buyers the option to share a special message with the reader that they can keep for years to come. I like how they have a pre-written statement so if you cant find the words or have writers block like we often do, the message is already there and relatable to the story. 

I love reading this book to Remi, it shares the message that a princess can be a warrior! The book is also written as a poem so the words flow nicely together as you pass through the pages. The illustrations are beautiful and give the readers tons to look at while your little one will head to bed feeling empowered and confident! Remi is totally into unicorns right now and the first magical creature Princess Remi stumbles across in the story is a unicorn needing help to cross the bridge.  We are also into dinos and dragons and Princess Remi has the opportunity to help a dragon breath fire again. I love that the scary and intimidating are nonexistent with these adventures. Later in the story Princess Remi helps a mermaid find her pearl in the deep sea, a lonely creature find some friends and refreshes the dry fairy fields. The story ends with one princess being chosen for all the internal characteristics and traits she used along the way to help these magical creatures.

Upon opening the package, I was simply impressed by the quality of the book. The pages are thick and durable. Wonderbly uses high- quality paper sourced from sustainable forests (FSC- certified) so the planet with thank you too! Buyers have the option of choosing from a variety of covers which ranges in price including softcover, super-sturdy, hardcover or luxurious flat. I chose the hard cover option for this book. These aren’t short stories either, this particular one is 36 pages so buyers are getting what they paid for! The website is easy to navigate through with recommendations for age and other enchanting stories you may find enticing! We can’t get enough of these magical stories!

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