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The ultimate holiday tradition – The Walnut Room! Amanda and Sonny had visited the iconic holiday tree last year but this year was a first time for Katie and Remi.   Located in Macy’s department store on State Street in downtown Chicago, this spot is sure to fill you with warmth and cover in pixie dust.  The restaurant opened in 1907 as a Tea Room and transitioned its name due to the architectural design and gorgeous Russian and Austrian imported chandeliers. So where does the holiday tradition come into play?

Each holiday season you can guarantee there will be a 45-foot Christmas Tree in the middle of room from November to January. The tree is so large it’s actually secured by hanging from the ceiling. Dining in the Walnut Room is one of Chicago’s most beloved traditions. Each year the tree has a new theme and color scheme. Children are gifted a mug with their meal and this year marks the 115th year celebration!

Once sat in the dining room your order will be taken. The menu is limited, most of the items are tradition and have been staples for years including Mrs. Hering’s beloved chicken pot pie, cider glazed turkey and don’t forget the Frango ice cream pie. The kids menu has entrée and side options including chicken tenders, mac and cheese, fries and fresh fruit. During your meal you can take a lap around the Christmas tree which is exactly what Remi wanted to do every few minutes. Christmas fairies will journey to your table and remind you to be good so Santa brings gifts.

After dining at the Walnut Room, visitors can head over to Santaland which is located in the store. A reservation is required and can be made on the spot. Enter through a beautiful door and follow along a path of decorated Christmas scenes and lights. There are pieces for kids to interact with including a snowfall on the fall and a telescope showing Santa’s sleigh flying through the night.  You can opt out of the photo opt with Santa and take your own for a free visit.

Parking is available across the street in a pay for park garage. If you are interested in dining, be sure to book a reservation online in advance, the options tend to fill up quickly! Remi loved dining by the Christmas Tree. ATTN: Mamas with infants, this is a great option for you. Sip a cocktail by the tree and stroll through the store after for some holiday shopping. We can't wait to go back next year and keep the tradition going! 

X0- Katie & Amanda 

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