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Huge shoutout and thank you to my cousin and Kidlist for this AMAZING recommendation! The Bison's Bluff Nature Playground is located in Schaumburg at Spring Valley. The attractions are nature-inspired with sand area's waterfalls, and beaver lodges. The formations are not that of your typical park, although traditional park elements are accessible such as slides, bridges, and rope courses. The park is great for a variety of ages from toddlers to gradeschool!

You can't beat the price of admission! $2 for residents and children ages 2-12 and only $3 for non-residents. Admission usually lasts for one hour but is not enforced when the playground isn't busy. The park opens at 10 a.m. and closes around 8 p.m. Parking is free and close to the entrance. 

The playground is surrounded by 3 miles of nature trails so be sure to bring the strollers and wagons! Trails are lined with signs that lead to a nature center, farm museum and numerous themed "play pockets" along the way! We grabbed the kids and set out on a stroll before heading home. The trail is also lined with tons of plants and flowers which makes for gorgeous views and smells. Keep an eye out for the baby deer crossing the paths too!


Recommendations: Bring a change of clothes, our kids played in the water streams and sand. You may want to have an extra outfit on hand incase they are wet/dirty. #2 Kids are going to climb so we recommend brining comfortable shoes. I even brought water shoes so Remi could walk in the (ankle deep) stream on the sand and rocks. #3 It was a hot day so we wouldn't recommend passing on the sunblock or bringing a summer hat.  The playground is shaded in some areas and open in others. #4 Pack snacks, the kids enjoyed snacks while on their trail walk. Throughout the playground there are numerous logs to take a seat and pavilions for picnics!

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