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Affordable Spring Trends by Adesso Resale

Hi! My name is Bianca Manzo. I’m born and raised in Chicago, IL. I attended Fashion School at FIDM, in downtown Los Angeles, which feels like many moons ago. I’m 29 years old and currently at the very start of creating my own Luxury Resale company called Adesso. I obsess over the latest fashion trends and getting a killer deal.

I’ve worked in consignment the last 5 years and absolutely fell in love with the resale world. Adesso is a curated selection of top brands and designers, I admire. I was never a person to spend full price, always weaseling my way to the sale section, so I want to bring luxury items without the luxury price.

Follow my journey on instagram: @adessoresale !

2021 Affordable Spring Trends for EVERYONE.

1. Boot-Cut Jeans

With a focus on more relaxed staples these days, loose cuts and baggy jeans will continue to be one of the key cuts of the season. There will be even more focus on distressed jeans to bring a laid-back and easy feel to any outfit.

2. Cut Outs

There is no denying the rise of the “naked” trend. Cutouts are emerging as one of the standout trends that everyone is following. Designers are recreating this trend in fresh and contemporary ways beyond the usual stigma.

3. Square Toe

As hints of the '90s keep making their way back into the fashion conversation, it's only fitting that this chunky-of-the-era style is deemed cool again. ’90s shoe trend, square-toed styles can be worn with straight-leg jeans and a statement top, or incorporated into your workwear.

4. Midi Dresses

Sitting somewhere between the knee and the ankle, not quite pencil skirt length and falling a little higher than the maxi – the mid-length hemline is the style of choice for the new-season, and it just so happens to suit pretty much any figure. The midi dress is still reigning supreme this season.

5. Cropped Cardigans/sets

The fall trend is carrying into Spring. Listen, cardigans are sexy now! If putting together a cute outfit seems like too much to handle right now, a shrunken knit with your favorite jeans is the perfect answer.



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