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Dad's Day

Father's/Dada's/Dad's/Papa's Day is a holiday to celebrate and honor fatherhood and parental bonds. The holiday was proposed by a woman who wanted to honor her father, and civil war veteran and single parent who raised six children. The first celebration was held on June 19, 1910 and is celebrated in a variety of ways throughout the world. In Germany, the festive holiday includes a tradition of dressing up and pulling wagons full of booze into the woods. CHEERS! Sweden celebrates in November with a traditional day of breakfast and gifts in bed. Fathers Day dinner includes a large meal of seafood crab and prawns in Japan. Traditions made and time spent together is what makes this day truly special.

I have always been close with my father and our relationship has grown through the years. Growing up he was the hardworking dad that kept our world turning by putting food on the table and a roof over my head. As I have grown up he has become a friend, confidant and support system. He retired this year and takes care of my girl spending the week days being the best papa he can be. As I was an only child, we spent many nights on the driveway shooting hoops and weekends attending minor league hockey games. My dad is the ultimate Mr. fixit who taught me how to beat Super Mario/Duck Hunt on the NES system, cook with tons of garlic and enjoy a glass of red wine. He came to every production and performance sitting through hours of cheerleading, gymnastics, figure skating, volleyball and basketball. He is known as the hilarious uncle and everyone's favorite coach. I am beyond blessed he walked me down the isle at our wedding and my favorite memories are now watching him and Remi.

The first years of fatherhood are certainly a learning curve. Dads try to navigate a world of new unknowns with tiny humans and initial fears, some of which being 1. unable to help in delivery 2. maintaining relationship with partner 3. baby care 4.finances. We asked some of our favorite dads what their favorite thing is about being a new dad and some of their fears.

Favorite: "I love how innocent and pure babies are. The sheer joy they have when they see you and laugh."

Fear: ".....blowouts"

Favorite: "Watching them laugh and learn new things. Everyday is a new adventure for them and I have a front row seat."

Fear: "what is that booger sucker's terrifying"

Favorite: "The huge smile she gets when I walk in from work after a long makes it all worth it."

Fear: "It is a terrible feeling when they cry and you are not able to calm them down and when they are sick, you feel helpless."

Favorite: "Teaching my kids new things and watching them have fun...makes up for the no sleep, scream sessions and telling them NO 1000000000 times a day :)."

Fear: "I have two daughters, teenage years."

Favorite: "The connection we have and how excited she gets when she sees me and we interact. Dads are the best!"

Fear: "There are a million things you have to be aware of like rashes, choking, fevers...I never thought I would know so much about butt paste and bottle aerators.

Favorite: "Once you become a dad there is this unspoken fatherhood tribe that you join. You have bonds and commonalties with different individuals and everyone has advise and a story to learn from."

Each dad and father figure is special, unique and we are grateful for our partners. Our husbands have tackled this year and all it's challenges with strength and determination to make sure our families are happy and healthy. Watching the bond your partner has with your child is sure to make your heart explode. I cannot wait to see all the wonderful things my husband can teach our daughter including how to be a foodie and what a pick six means during Sunday football games. We hope you are able to spend the holiday making memories and sharing laughs with loved ones.

Happy Father's Day! X0 - Katie



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