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Easter Check List

One of the most memorable parts of spring is the Easter holiday. Family and friends gather while children run around the yard with Easter baskets hoping to collect the most colored eggs (stashed with $$). We want the Easter baskets to be fun but this can also become overwhelming and stressful if you are unsure how or what to add each year. Parents aren't looking to add in a bunch of sugary treats but rather some fun and educational items that children can use for the rest of the season. We've tried to take some of the pressure off this year. It's never too early to start planning so let's MARCH to it!


Easter Books

We love books and our theory is you can never have enough. Buying holiday and seasonal books is just another excuse for us to splurge! It's educational so you can't blame us. We linked our favorite Easter books for easy shopping!

Easter Book Links:


Easter Pajamas

We put together a list of our favorite Easter pajamas below. Sizing starts from preemie to 12 year olds. Hanna Andersson even has adult sizes available in some styles. Who doesn't love an excuse to dress the entire family up in matching gear? We've linked everything for your convenience below the photos. You can't go wrong with any of these egg-cellent pajama choices!

Easter Pajama Links:


Easter Baskets

You are never too young or too old for the perfect Easter basket! And per usual we are a sucker for anything personalized or monogramed. Our favorite baskets were from Personalized Creations, Pottery Barn Kids, and Personalized Mall. We love the variety of baskets, totes, buckets and bags. There are so many unique design and personalization options too. It was honestly a difficult decision to pick just one to order for our kids. All three companies are running amazing deals and you can usually find an additional coupon to apply. Prices start around $15. Baskets are linked below.

Easter Basket Links:


Filling Easter Baskets

Stressed about filling those Easter baskets? Never fear, Hiccups and Heels has your back! Our guide to putting together the perfect Easter basket is to include the following practical and fun items no matter the age group:

  • a book

  • pajamas (you can never have enough)

  • a toy, game and / or art project

  • snacks / candy

  • a spring outfit / gear (i.e. swimwear)

0-24 month olds: We are guilty of buying gifts for our kids before they were even knowledgeable it was a holiday. You can buy more practical everyday items at this age. Pajamas, books, snacks, teethers, clothing, shoes, new pacifiers, new bottles, sippy cups and clothes will be met with the same excitement as a shiny new toy. It was an excuse to purchase things we already knew we wanted or needed to get! We tried to select age appropriate items that fostered brain development and fine and gross motor skills. You are welcome in advance for not choosing an abundance of obnoxious noisy battery guzzling toys that your children will quickly loose interest in!

0-6 month olds:

6-12 month olds:

12-24 month olds:

2-4 year olds: Toddler Easter baskets can be just as fun to make as to "open" on Easter morning. Fill your basket with creative and practical items that can be used for entertainment and daily function. You can make your basket even more functional by displaying items in an umbrella or rain boots!

5-7 year olds: This is the perfect age group to include fun educational activities for school age children. Sensory toys are designed to stimulate a child's five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. They make a great addition! Learning can be fun! Spring is the perfect time to use outdoor sports or activity equipment.

8-9 year olds: This is a great age for kids that are dedicated to a sport or show interest in activities and hobbies. You can fill their Easter baskets with specific items that will enhance their participation with these activities. Gift cards can come in handy to purchase electronic entertainment for tablets and television.

10+ year olds: Older "kids" can be tricky to buy for, but don't leave them out of the fun. What tween/teenager wouldn't enjoy some unique specialty snacks or sweets? You can never go wrong with electronic accessories like extra long phone chargers, headphones, portable chargers, or device cases (headphones, tablet, laptops and phones). Lush Cosmetics always has Easter/Spring themed bath items that are great for anyone on your list. We still encourage books and reading material no matter the age! Gift cards are always a winner too. We recommend Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Visa/Amex for online shopping, iTunes/Android GCs or their favorite food spot!


The Easter basket tradition was one that was passed from European folklore as a rabbit was said to leave a basket of colored eggs for the children. This tradition was passed along to America through immigrants and has evolved throughout the years. You can add in your own traditions each year by using the same basket or personalized items. Hiding the Easter basket or adding a scavenger hunt or a candy trail can be a fun twist!

May there be carrots for the bunnies, goodies for the kids and WINE for the parents!

Hoppy Easter from Hiccups & Heels!

XO - Katie & Amanda



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