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Father's Day Gift Guide

“Anyone who tells you fatherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to you, they are understating it.” – Mike Myers

Father's Day is June 20th this year and if you are anything like us you could use some gift ideas for all the male caretakers in your life! Dads often don't get the recognition they deserve and the crazy thing is... they are totally ok with it. Whether you are a working dad bringing home the $ or the stay at home dad wiping tears and giving extra snuggles... we appreciate you! We certainly couldn't do it without those extra set of hands. Father's Day is an extra special day to say thank you for helping with bath-time, cleaning up the playrooms, soothing the meltdowns and allowing Disney to stay on 24/7. Extra special shoutout to our husbands (baby dads) who know when to pour us a glass of wine after a long day! We put together a guide of ideas for everyone on your list from the fashion forward to the sports obsessed to the foodies in your life.

Got a foodie or drink connoisseur to buy for? Try these gifts:

For the men in your life who are into style or maybe they need a fashion upgrade we are loving:

Personal care is for everyone! Dads, grandfathers, and uncles will want these items:

Active and sports obsessed guys will appreciate the following:

  • golf upgrades (new bag, clubs, customized towel or golf balls)

  • tickets to an upcoming sporting event

  • Garmin or Apple watch

  • tennis / pickleball racquet

Experience gift ideas are great and unique way to breakaway from the traditional gift ideas. Try something new you can do together like:

  • tickets to an upcoming concert or show (i.e. magic)

  • treat or get a gift card to their favorite restaurant or somewhere new they have been wanting to go to

  • weekend or night away for just the two of you (NO KIDS!)

We are super excited to start traveling again and can't wait to make new memories. You can't go wrong with a gift that enhances the travel experience:

We hope our gift guide makes your shopping a little easier this year. Happy Father's Day from Hiccups and Heels!

XO - Katie & Amanda



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