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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

In true blog mate’s fashion, my registry experience was extremely different from Amanda. This is why we complement each other so well! Amanda mentioned in her previous post that she truly loved registering for her wedding and did not find the baby registry to be as easy of an experience. This was the opposite for me, I had the hardest time picking out anything and everything for our wedding but when it came to the baby registry, I knew what I wanted and the decision-making seemed effortless. My registry was very different from Amanda’s and although we recommend and prefer different products we still share the same goal, we hope our registry tips help you to make the best decisions that fit your lifestyle.

-XO Katie


Diapers – I recommend registering for diapers or requesting them as a raffle option for your shower. I have yet to buy a box of diapers and my daughter is now entering her 8th month. I had absolutely no idea how many diapers a baby truly goes through and it was extremely helpful to have as many boxes on hand as we did. We use Pampers Swaddlers with the wetness indicator, color change feature. The diapers are free of parabens and latex. I have yet to experience any issues.

Baby Clothes – looking back, I thought that I was going to get tons of clothes at my shower and did not bother registering for any. I remember when I was packing the hospital bag and I went into the nursery closet, I had very little to choose from. Most of the clothing items I received as gifts were sized at 3-6 months and 6-9 months. I did not have many newborn sized items. I took a trip to BuyBuy Baby and purchased four sets of Burt’s Bees Baby Footed pajamas. These are one of my favorites and come in amazing color options/patterns.

Bassinet – I was convinced that when we came home from the hospital I would have the baby sleep in the

DockATot and then transition to the crib. I did not register for a bassinet and this was a huge mistake on my part. After the DockATot did not work out, we ended up using a family members Halo bassinet for the first four months. We used the bassinet for naps and sleep (when she would actually sleep). After having a C-section, I was unable to commute up and down the stairs so the bassinet was very convenient.

Baby Breeza – From the time I found out I was pregnant I wanted to breastfeed. I had many friends who had successfully breastfed and others who were not able to or supplemented with formula. I registered for this item as a “backup” in case we had to use formula. Amanda and I attended a breast-feeding class to gain more information and I was fascinated with all the great benefits. Fast forward to delivery and the small amount of colostrum I produced was not filling enough for my newborn. I found myself pumping for long extended hours only to get the smallest amount, which was gone in two gulps. My milk supply did not come in until 10 days after giving birth. Once we got home from the hospital, we used the Baby Breeza. The dispenser reminds me of a Keurig for baby bottles. This machine is wonderful and makes a bottle in under 30 seconds with no measuring or mixing. You can customize the bottle amount to meet your baby’s needs and adjust the temperature.

Monitor – I registered for the Motorola Halo+ over the Crib Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Camera with Handheld Unit and have not been disappointment. Not only is the picture on the display extremely clear, it also features colorful nightlight displays and has a room temperate gage, which helps me navigate between the summer and winter temps. Installation was very simple.

Wish I had known….

Stroller – I like the stroller I registered for but it is lacking one important feature for me. I recommend registering for a stroller that has a reversible option. Let me explain, if I go for a walk and I want to have the baby facing me the travel system I have requires me to attach the car seat. Your child is then in a car seat and not in the stroller seat. Initially this option works but as they grow, it becomes more uncomfortable and is not ideal. Had I known about this feature prior to registering I would have chosen a different travel system.

Swaddles – I registered for every type of swaddle there was and guess what? My daughter hated the swaddles. The swaddle restricted her movements and she would cry every time we placed her in one. These are not comforting for every baby. I did not register for a sleep sack and I wish I would have. We found the nested bean works the best because arm movement is not restricted and she still feels the comfort of being enclosed.

Bedding – you will thank yourself later if you choose to register for multiple fitted crib sheets. I change the nursey bedding often and it helps to have many options especially when I am working and in between laundry loads. There have been one or two occasions where I had to use two different sheets in one night so having extra on hand can only help!

Teethers – Every baby is different and mine is no exception. My daughter has never taken a pacifier and I registered for them. In fact, my daughter has only used the (bottle top) as a pacifier since she was born. Instead of registering for multiple pacifiers, I would recommend teething items. I received many from our shower and was extremely grateful for them when she began teething at 4 months old. Two teeth later and we will not take a pacifier but we will chew a teether!

Favorite Items

Every baby is different and what works for one may or may not work for another. Trial and error is key to finding what will work for you. I hope some of my lessons learned help navigate the uncertainty of newborns and help you find your fit!



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