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New Mom Hacks

Do you ever get a feeling of empowerment from new information? I sure do! When I find a new mom hack, I always feel like shouting OOH OOOOOH similar to Amy Poehler in Baby Mama when she unapologetically proclaims that she will be getting an epidural and not opting for a natural birth. Please see below!

I am going to state the obvious – children do not come with instruction manuals. Half the time I feel like I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. In these moments of uncertainty and desire to become more efficient, I turn to my village of trusty, experienced and knowledgeable SUPER MOM friends. Some of you more experienced caretakes may find this article useless but if you are looking for some tips, we invite you to take a peek. The topics listed below are all tricks we have learned along the way in our first year as new Mamas.

Diaper Pail – I have used baking soda in the fridge to remove odors for years. One day shortly after lockdown, I needed to replace the box. I looked for an alternative and put some coffee beans in a coffee filter. I placed the pod in the fridge and it removed the smell. I now keep a coffee bean pod in the diaper pail to remove any extra odors. It doesn't make the pail smell like coffee, it simply masks the odor. Additional tip: Do not buy the expensive refill bags. The Costco fresh scent garbage bags work just fine!

Germ Removal – Toys are tossed and chewed constantly in our home. With the constant daily contact germs, dirt and allergens can appear. I try my best to sanitize the toys each week and anything else that she will come in contact with. Hard plastic toys can go into a pot of boiling water. Do not boil soft plastic toys – wipe them down. Plush toys and blankets are thrown in the laundry machine and electronic toys are wiped down. Dabble Baby dish soap and all-purpose sprays are my go-to.

Teething Baby – Put a pacifier in the freezer for instant gum relief. Remi does not take a pacifier but she will take the bottle top as a pacifier. I always make sure to toss some in a kitchen storage bag and have them ready for her when she has a bad teething day.

Protein Veggie Pancakes – When your baby starts eating solids, try adding protein/greens from a pouch in the pancakes. They will taste delicious and increase the nutrients for the day!

Changing Stations - Changing stations are necessary if you live in a multi-level home. We use the pack and play as a second changing station. The pack and play holds extra outfits, blankets, toys, diapers, wipes, creams etc. With this arrangement, we have what we need on each floor.

Pajama Party – All day pajama parties are not bad. I will forever now buy pajamas as gifts for showers and sprinkles. Sleepers with zippers are the BEST! Nothing worse than trying to change the baby in the middle of the night and have seven buttons to fasten. Faster is better for everyone in these moments.

Change of EVERYTHING – Don’t just bring a change of clothes for the baby....always be sure to pack one for yourself too! I always stash a spare bag in the car. You never know when you will get pee, poop, and spit up on you so keep some extras for emergencies!

Nail Trim – The most absolute nerve-racking thing….EVER! Trying to trim the fingernails of the squirmiest baby is not an easy task. I was always terrified I was going to hurt her. I use the nail clippers now when she sleeps and it has reduced BOTH our anxiety levels tremendously. Additionally this helps me identify that she is truly asleep by the arm test. If she plops her arm down I know she is in a full REM (deepest) sleep cycle.

Doors and corners – Hair ties can do a good job of keeping cabinet doors shut when your little one becomes more mobile and starts exploring. If you are nervous about doors slamming on fingers and looking for a quick fix, cut up a pool noodle toy and put a piece around the door. The noodle will act like a bumper and prevent the door from getting flush to the wall. Pool noodles are also great options to size for furniture corners on tables and television stands.

Remote Controls – Keep extra remote controls around the house that do not work anymore. Of course, your child will have every toy in world and still want to constantly touch the buttons on the tv remote. If you put some batteries in, the remote will even light up. Remi knows the difference and has absolutely no interest in our "fake" tv remotes.

Sleep Sacs - If you have a baby that does not like to be swaddled, a sleep sac is a great option! Sleep sacs can provide comfort and a safe feeling while allowing your baby to move and wiggle. Since you are not to put blankets in the crib until after the first year, this is a great option!

Scared of Solids - If you are nervous about solids and terrified about choking (hand raise) then start off with foods that wont make you hold your breath with every spoonful or give you anxiety. Pastina has been a saving grace for me, not only is it delicious but also bite sized enough to where I don't get nervous when Remi eats it. The girl loves her carbs and it helps to fill up her belly too! WIN for MOM and WIN for BABE!

Pacifier Medicine Trick - Have you ever seen the Full House episode from back in the day when Joey and Uncle Jesse try giving Michelle some cough medicine? I always thought that was just a show storyline when in fact giving a baby medicine can be SO DIFFICULT, especially when they figure out what it is and how you administer it. The trick is to trick them! When Remi needs Tylenol or Motrin for those horrible teething days, I put the recommended amount into a pacifier or disguise it with some fruit at dinner.

If you are a new mom or know someone who is expecting, be sure to remember these helpful tips. At some point throughout your first year as a new parent you may find them helpful in our journey. When you discover something that works stick with it! Every child is different, no two are the same. Continue to ask questions and seek help from those that can offer support!

Please share your tips with us...WE LOVE to hear them! Message us on Instagram @hiccupsandheels and we will TAG YOU!



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