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Nursery Tour: Santino

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Making my life more difficult than necessary is clearly a life goal of mine. When I found out I was pregnant with a boy I instantly knew decorating his nursery was going to be a personal challenge. I refused to accept the stereotypical boy nursery color palettes and themes. In all honesty, if we were having a girl the nursery would look like a bottle of Pepto Bismol exploded. EVERYTHING for boys was baby blue, navy blue, cobalt blue, and grey so my options were limited. I really wanted something unique, minimalistic, sophisticated, and modern for Santino’s nursery. And so, my uphill battle began…

I decided his nursery would be black. Yes, black (and cream and white and beige with grey oak furniture). The reaction people had when I shared his nursery color scheme revolved around black was very entertaining. YOU CAN’T MAKE A BABY’S ROOM BLACK! How dare I? We set out to find the perfect furniture pieces, artwork, and accessories to create our ideal nursery.

Sonny's room was not fully decorated until he was 6 months old. Quarantine, retail stores temporarily shut down, and my genius idea to create a non-traditional nursery delayed the process. But it was worth the wait!


My favorite thing in Santino's nursery is the custom artwork we painted/drew for him. During quarantine we purchased a canvas and art supplies from Blick to create a unique piece of art to fill the space above his closets. It is covered with fun, personal, and sentimental things to our family.

His light fixture is from Lightology and called the Sirius Mino Chandelier. It is modern and minimal while still making a statement.

One of the last decor pieces we purchased were these matte black floating shelves from CB2. They really pulled the room together! I have them filled with knick knacks like a personalized giraffe bank from Things Remembered, a stuffed Willis Tower, and a Funko Pop Sonny Corleone. The baby/dog photos, Maple and Ash menu and autographed Bob Lazar UFO drawing are all in frames from Michaels. His letter board was an Amazon find that I constantly used for photos.

His acrylic and metallic nursery storage bins are from Pottery Barn Kids. We use them to hold diapers and books. We keep a digital thermometer in the nursery since it is the smallest room in the house and tends to be the hottest/coldest. The Groegg is mindless and helps ensure Sonny's bedroom is the ideal sleeping temperature. The white basket is from Target (similar one linked that I have in my living room) and neatly stores all his bedroom toys. The Ubbi diaper pail has been a lifesaver too since we live in a condo building and don't make frequent trips to throw out garbage.

We purchased Sonny's furniture, bedding (color: Flax), mattress, changing pad and cover (color: Flax) from Restoration Hardware. The furniture color is weathered grey oak and we selected a crib that converts to a toddler and full size bed. I highly recommend getting the conversion kit at the time of purchase just in case your furniture set gets discontinued. We also chose a crib with extra storage drawers underneath and the extra wide dresser with topper because we had the space. Our rocker is the Nursery Works Compass in black velvet and the pouf ottoman is from Amazon. I searched high and low to find a unique black rocking chair and I am so happy with the one we selected. The marble side table and gold lamp are both Target finds (links are to similar items). On his side table are the accessories we use daily. Sonny has a Hatch Rest + Sound machine and a Fridababy Humidifier.

One of the best things about Santino's nursery is his closet! It is massive and the PAX design from IKEA so it is completely interchangeable. I was able to customize the closet for his needs, including a pull out laundry bin. The plush cream colored rug was (finally) found at HomeGoods after multiple trips. You can also spot our mounted NEST camera in a few photos that we use as a baby monitor. The paint color in his room (and most of our condo) is Harwood Putty from Banjamin Moore. It is the perfect color white because it does not pull yellow or grey undertones in any lighting. I recommend it to everyone!


My goal was to create a calm, soothing environment that would grow with my child. I am over the moon with how his nursery turned out. It is one of my favorite rooms in our condo. I hope you love it as much as we do!

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