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Stroller Review: Part 1

Amanda's Stroller Review: UPPAbaby Vista

I lovingly refer to my UPPAbaby stroller as the basic bitch stroller. I felt and still feel like everywhere I look there is the VISTA since it is insanely popular. Most of my friends recommend UPPAbaby or expressed their disappointment in not getting the stroller sooner. When I was pregnant, I investigated all my stroller options from Silver Cross to Bugaboo to Stokke to Baby Jogger. All roads lead back to UPPAbaby! There are several reasons why we selected the VISTA even though I desperately wanted something different. I enjoy being difficult and unique but even I could not find a reason to go with a different brand.

Let me tell you why we love our UPPAbaby and consider it one of the best baby purchases we made.

Double (& Triple) Stroller

As many of you know we are perfectly content having one child, but that did not affect our decision when it came to selecting a stroller. I knew we wanted the option for a double stroller in the future (just in case). Many of my friends purchased (expensive) strollers without the capability and quickly regretted it as their families expanded. The VISTA has countless combinations for two car seats, toddler seats (RumbleSeat), and/or bassinet. It even has the option to include a Piggyback Ride-Along Board. I do know several people who purchased the CRUZ (single stroller) and although they were able to resell it and purchase the VISTA they said the quality, durability and functionality could not compare. If you have any intention of having more children and/or value a higher quality design purchase the VISTA. I take comfort in knowing we can continue to use the same stroller in the future if needed.

No Adapters for Car Seat

Prior to having a child I was a well organized individual that took pride in keeping things neat and tidy. Fast forward to my current situation and I am forever grateful the VISTA does not require any adapters for their carseat. I can only imagine how many times I would have lost or misplaced them. Fortunately, we used the MESA Infant Car Seat that easily attached with a simple click and no additional products required! If you do choose to use a different brand car seat you can purchase adapters for Chicco, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna and Cybex.

The MESA car seat is highly rated in safety, lightweight and easy to install. If you purchase an UPPAbaby stroller it is a no-brainer to purchase the MESA car seat too. We were able to use the carseat for twelve months before Sonny outgrew it. I loved the convenience of this stroller being an all in one option with a bassinet, car seat and toddler seat.

City Living Living in the city and in a more congested environment impacted our stroller decision. As a single stroller the UPPAbaby and the Bugaboo are the same width, but once converted to a double the Bugaboo became a side-by-side. Although there are many benefits to having a side-by-side double stroller it was not conducive for city living. We also looked for something that could maneuver all the cracks, dips and bumps Chicago threw our way.


The UPPAbaby bassinet depth and ventilation is safe for overnight sleeping. We used the stroller bassinet instead of purchasing an additional product (i.e. Halo). Sonny comfortably slept for weeks overnight in the bassinet and loved being in there for our walks. We utilized the bassinet feature more than I had anticipated.

Color & Appearance Call me narcissistic, but I refused to be seen with an "ugly" stroller. If I was going to be pushing this thing around everyday I wanted to LOVE it. The sleek look of the VISTA is visibly appealing and the color JAKE is the perfect shade of black.

Accessories I am pretty sure we have every accessory UPPAbaby makes for the VISTA and then some. Each product has been worth the additional purchase. We have the UPPAbaby Cup Holder, Snack Tray, Carry-All Parent Organizer, CozyGanoosh Footmuff and Infant SnugSeat. If you have multiple cars or family/friends/babysitter that regularly drives your baby I would recommend purchasing an additional Infant Car Seat Base. For the amount we used the bassinet for sleeping we could have justified purchasing the stand and an additional mattress cover. I think my favorite accessory was the Infant SnugSeat. It allowed us to use the RumbleSeat sooner and gave our curious little guy the opportunity to see more while riding comfortably. The CozyGanoosh is a close second since we live in Chicago and was a lifesaver in the (very) cold weather!


UPPAbaby is the Cadillac of strollers! Both my husband and I are impressed by how smooth it rides. We live in the city of Chicago and the VISTA has no problem navigating our less than perfect sidewalks. The stroller has shock-absorbing front and rear suspension. My only complaint is it is heavy since it is so well made and sturdy. The stroller weighs 27 pounds.

We loved that the toddler RumbleSeat has the capability for forward and parent-facing with multiple reclining options. These "little things" make a world of difference. They provide a variety of options to make your child's stroller experience more enjoyable. My son hates to be restricted or restrained in any way yet he has enjoyed every riding option the VISTA offered.

The stroller collapses conveniently with just a few clicks and the fabric is durable and wipes clean easily. Our VISTA has endured many spills, accidents and bumps and still looks great! UPPAbaby is built to last.


I urge everyone when purchasing a stroller to see how much storage they offer. The VISTA has an extra-large, easy access basket that can hold up to 30 lbs. I can not express in words how valuable the extra storage space is. I can fit ample amounts of bags and gear underneath. Our 13 lb dog comfortably rides underneath as well. Some high end strollers have ZERO storage space underneath and I do not understand how that is functional.

Overall, I highly recommend the UPPAbaby VISTA. We have the V2 model in black (aka Jake) and purchased the MESA Infant Car Seat too. Even though it is a pricier stroller option it is worth every penny. We use our stroller almost daily and could not be more impressed with how well it has held up and how versatile it is. I am confident we will continue to put several miles on our stroller in the years to come. Don't trust my opinion? Check out the thousands of reviews and ratings!



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