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Stroller Review: Part 2

Katie's Stroller Review: Mockingbird

Choosing items for your baby registry is a total gamble! I had absolutely no idea what features I wanted in a stroller and when you are a first time parent you truly don’t know what to look for. How was I supposed to know what my child will like or prefer when I haven't even met them yet? Prior to becoming a mom I had never taken a baby on a walk or used a stroller, I had no clue what I should be looking for. I registered for a Chicco Bravo Travel System and although I enjoyed the stroller, it lacked many features I had not known about when making the decision. We had also been gifted a Graco stroller which again lacked some convenient features. In last week's blog post, Amanda shared her review of the UPPAbaby which is commonly referred to as the cadillac of strollers due to its quality and features. The item is on the higher end price scale so if you are looking for a comparable stroller (literally - its almost the same item) for a much MUCH more affordable price, let me introduce you to my new obsession, my MOCKINGBIRD.

Price: Mockingbird single to double $495 VS. UPPAbaby Vista V2 single to double $1,150-1,190

Single to Double Stroller

The Mockingbird is a direct to consumer product which allows the price point to be much lower than the UPPAbaby and other high end strollers which are sold in retail stores. The shopping cart is extremely customizable featuring many color choices and patterns. The stroller comes in a single and single to double option and is shipped at no cost to your door. Test it out for 30 days and if you are not satisfied they have a risk-free return policy. Each stroller comes with the stroller frame, wheels, seat, canopy, child "bumper" bar and an AMAZING magnetic detachable sun shade. The single to double stroller is perfect for one child but allows the option for a growing family in the future. The second seat kit can be purchased for $120 including the seat, upper and lower adaptors. This price point is amazing compared to the UB additions costing $199 for the seat and $44 for additional adaptors. There are endless options for positions (19+ configurations) and a car seat adaptor can be purchased, which is compatible with most commonly used car seats. The second seat on the Mockingbird can hold up to 45 lbs. while the rumbleseat on the UB only holds up to 35lbs.

Comfort and Ease

One of the biggest reasons for wanting another stroller was the configuration options and comfort. Most days Remi enjoys looking outward during our walks however there have been numerous occasions where she wants to face us and the reverse feature was not on many strollers when I was registering including the one I chose. Like Amanda mentioned in part one, this feature may be something very small but it makes a world of difference. The seating arrangements can be adjusted in seconds with a quick button of a push and recline is easy and adjustable with one hand. One of my favorite features is the footrest. While we were going for our walk, we noticed just how important the adjustable footrest is. Remi has thrown numerous toys and bottles but instead of them falling to the ground, the footrest caught it. The zip feature also offers an easy cleanup from crumbs when your kids start snacking. Historically we always hit a breaking point on our walks and this stroller seems to supply extra comfort and has provided numerous cozy nap sessions and an extended walk time. The stroller can stand independently and has a one handed close option. Additional factors that make this stroller so great: extendable UPF 50+ canopy, pop proof tires, one handed release on 5 point harness and front locking wheels which help on gravel, grass and sand. This locking feature helps prevent the wheels from swiveling all over on those bumpy walks and terrain.


Storage is HUGE when traveling with a tiny human. The Mockingbird has ample storage space with a generously sized basket that can hold all the essentials up to 25 lbs. The basket even has a detachable front cover which can give you the option of extra protection or easier access. The UB basket holds 5 more pounds however it has a huge bar that runs through the center of the basket which can minimize some storage space. The Mockingbird has successfully held all items I have needed with ease and has a convenient hidden side pocket in the basket for more personal items to be kept out of site. The seat features a small pocket on the back for parents to store their phone or keys.


Mockingbird has a wide variety of additional accessories that can be purchased on the website to enhance your ride.

  • Carriage/bassinet

  • Car seat adaptor

  • Infant seat insert

  • Second seat kit

  • Cup holder

  • Snack tray

  • Parent organizer

  • Seat liner

  • Rain cover

  • Footmuff

  • Hand muff

  • Mosquito net

  • Squad Board for third child (coming soon)

  • Pattern canopy for visual development

  • Rotating handlebar for adjustment

My only regret with the Mockingbird is that I didn't have it sooner. Shoutout to Instagram for the advertisement, I am so happy I decided to click on it! I HIGHLY recommend the product 5/5! For the price point, you can't beat the quality and it matches up well against the UPPAbaby VISTA.

As Remi continues to grow in size and age we set out much more for activities and adventures. Our Mockingbird has made traveling a breeze. Growing in popularity, this item has a pre-order date so the earlier you decide to commit, the better! You can't go wrong with either of our stroller recommendations. There are a million plus one things to worry about when having a child, don't let picking out the wrong stroller be one of them! "Let the good times roll."



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