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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

If you are pregnant for the first time, surely you have thought about meeting your child for months now. If you have downloaded all the apps or followed all the advice given, you know that the third trimester is time to PACK THE BAGS. Deciding what to pack in your hospital bag can be confusing, not only do YOU need a bag but be sure to pack for your partner and baby as well!

Recommendation: Have a packed back by the door anywhere from 35 to 37 weeks. This way if you happen to go into labor spontaneously, you know you have all the basics ready to go. We also recommend putting your bag in the car for doctors’ appointments those last few weeks. You never know if you may be admitted.

Most moms who delivery vaginally stay in the hospital for one or two days. On average moms who deliver via c-section will be in the hospital for three to four days. During this time, you want to make sure you are comfortable and have everything you need.

When reading our recommendations please take the following into consideration. Katie delivered at the beginning of COVID lockdown, so her recommendations are great under any circumstance and are more “normal”. They are great suggestions for mom, baby and partner no matter the situation. Amanda delivered several months into lockdown and during a time when everyone was wiping down deliveries and groceries. She took a more minimal approach because the consensus was that the virus lived on surfaces and that skeeved her out! Anything that went to the hospital needed to be immediately washed or thrown out.




We highly recommend that you are knowledgeable of the COVID protocols at your hospital prior to being emitted. Fortunately, our husbands were able to come and go freely. This was a huge relief knowing that if we forgot something they could go and get it. Some hospitals are not allowing any visitors, limiting visitors and/or requiring that the designated visitor cannot leave under any circumstance.

The best advice we got from friends and family when leaving the hospital was to TAKE EVERYTHING YOU POSSIBLY CAN. We are NOT exaggerating!!! We took diapers, wipes, formula, and fourth trimester care products (including nipple cream, pads, mesh underwear, ice packs, hemorrhoidal pads, perineal spray, peri bottle, etc.). We suggest bringing an additional bag for all the extra goodies you can take home. The nurses encouraged us to take stuff and we regret not taking more!

Before leaving the hospital, you must have the car seat present to take your baby home. The staff will check to make sure you have the seat properly installed in your vehicle. The car seat should be positioned in the backseat preferably in the middle spot or behind the passenger seat. We recommend consulting a friend with experience or going to the local fire station for assistance with installation.

Since there is no way to predict when your baby will arrive and what exactly you will need, we encourage over packing. Prior to packing we referred to friends and family for advice on what was essential in their hospital bags. It is better to be overprepared than underprepared!

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