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UPDATED Potty Chronicles

If you have been following along, Remi and Sonny had two very different potty training experiences. They started at different ages and used different methods. No method better than the other, we just found what worked for them! You can check out their journeys here: Sonny's Naked Potty Training and Remi's Magic Undies. Even after you essentially put the puzzle together, you as a parent now must navigate this new world of pausing play time and packing new forms of the "diaper bag." Here are some updates and tips we found to be extremely helpful!

Amanda & Sonny

Here we are, nearing 1 year of being potty trained! What I have learned throughout this process is it’s ongoing. Kids, especially toddlers, will have accidents. They are few and far between now, but there were times when I would find myself getting frustrated and had to remind myself that it is “normal”. Potty training early is a double-edged sword. The positive aspects include NO MORE DIAPERS which are expensive and gross to change. Having Sonny potty trained by two years old resulted in zero regressions, resistance or obstinance. The downside of early potty training is there were more frequent accidents in the beginning, we couldn’t transition from “sleepy pants” (aka pull ups) during naps or at night, and the biggest annoyance is how often a tiny bladder requires relief. There have been countless times we’ve had to pullover when driving or make multiple bathroom breaks at mealtimes. Fortunately, boys can pee anywhere and my son sure loves peeing outside! There have been times when we are out and making what feels like the 348954 trip to the restroom that I wish he was still in diapers. Then I remember how much they cost and snap out of it!

Even as we near the 1 year anniversary of diaper free days we are nowhere near removing pull ups/sleepy pants at night or during naps. There is at least one day a week that Sonny still wets the bed through them and the few times he’s fallen asleep in the car or stroller without them it’s been a mess. I’m not interested in limiting his water intake so I’m just going to have to be patient and wait for the natural progression of his bladder to mature. So many veteran moms have told me this will just come with time. There’s been a few dry naps and he will stop a bedtime routine to go to the bathroom so maybe we are making some progress. We’ve been fortunate that the pull ups haven’t caused any confusion and Sonny refuses to go potty in them if he is conscious.

At the end of the day, I’m extremely proud of how well and young Sonny potty trained. To be honest I’m also proud of myself. Potty training isn’t for the faint of heart and we started early. If you are in the trenches or getting ready to be try to stay positive! You and your little one will get there when you are both ready. Potty training should be on your timeline. Watch for signs of readiness from your kiddo and rip the band aid off and get started. You’ve got this!!!

Katie & Remi

We aren't nearly as far along as Sonny and Amanda but we have made it through two successful months and I couldn't be more proud. In two months we have only had one accident when she was sick and even then she was able to catch it and alter me to run to the bathroom. I was so apprehensive about potty training and focused too much on the horror stories when actually she was ready and it was the smoothest milestone we have tacked as a mom/daughter team yet! We are constantly navigating this new world though so here are some tips to remember:

Potty before leaving - Some mornings I find myself staring at my phone and watching the minutes go by as I need to get out of the house and to work but going to the bathroom before we leave is necessary sometimes. It's not often but when she says she needs to go before we get in the car, that means she needs to go! I am very conscious and aware to ask her before we leave the house or a location.

Pack the bags - I was waiting for some sort of regression and so far we are doing great! Rather than pack diaper bags, I now find myself filling our bag with changes of clothes and extra undies "just in case." It is helpful to have a bag packed in the car for those emergency situations. A huge part of our potty training story and success was the character undies. I always make sure to have plenty of extras in our bag.

Activities - I was extremely nervous about how she would react when we started our activities again. Would she be having "too much fun to stop and go" in gymnastics!? Although I may be bugging her by asking, she is stern to say no when she doesn't have to go and shouts it out when we need to make our way to the potty! I have that extra bag in the car just incase but we haven't had to use it yet and I am sure to remind her that we are "pausing" the fun and can come right back when we are finished in the bathroom.

Sleepy pants - Amanda's key term "sleep pants" has helped us to distinguish between what we put on during the day and what we wear at night. Each morning she asks me to take off her sleepy pants and she picks out a new pair of undies. At night we put on our sleep pants right after we take our final bathroom break before bed.

Toddler potty - Once it clicked, we were able to go and use any form of the potty. If you are questioning what type of potty to get, there is nothing wrong in buying a floor potty and one that connects to your toliet. Remi uses both without any issue or question. When we are in public, she is not afraid of using the big toilet however, my germaphobe tendencies come out and we are creative about how we squat! Any helpful tips are greatly appreciated :)

Even though we only rewarded with treats (m&ms and smarties) for one week, we still continue to celebrate and acknowledge her awareness and use of the potty. We made a potty song and often give high fives and "knucks" after we wash our hands. Like Amanda said if you hang in there if you are trying to navigate what works for you. We promise, one day it will all click and be worth it! Just in case, keep your phone handy and snapchat readily available for the long hours you spend in the bathroom training!

X0 - Katie and Amanda



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