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Who Likes to Party

With the Holidays just around the corner we reached out to Nicole Abruzzo, party planner extraordinaire, to share some of her tips and tricks to throwing the perfect party. Nicole is creative, innovative, and organized. She takes the stress out of planning and focuses on the perfect details that your guest will reminisce about for months to come. Whenever we are invited to an event she is hosting we are excited to see what's in store for us. For more information, ideas or to see what party services Nicole can help you with, check out NE Events on Instagram.


We all love parties, but planning and hosting them, Ugh!? Well, that can be a challenge, especially if you’re a busy parent, professional, or anyone in today’s world that is just plain busy. But fear not! I’ve put together a ton of ideas to help make parties even easier. In other words, I want you to enjoy the party too; not just be the hired hands toiling in the kitchen or pouring drinks the whole time.

Whether you’re up for a birthday of any kind, holiday entertaining, which is just around the corner, you already have the reason to throw a great party — now here are some tips and tricks to make sure you pull it off with style and grace. So, whether your guests are kids or adults, or likely a mix of both, I hope you find these easy party throwing tips that I’ve put together for you helpful, even if you think you’re not the party-hosting type; I might change your mind!

1. Getting Started

Once you have decided on theme, guest list, and budget, it is time to send out those invites. I personally love printed invites, but if you’re interested in going green and sending paperless invites please check out evite, paperless post, greenevelope, and minted’s online invitations. The perk of paperless invites is these sites literally do all the work for you; manage responses, reminders, gift idea options and send thank you emails.

2. Planning

In this busy world of working, cleaning, and taking care of those babies, running into multiple stores is no longer an option – the answer: online shopping and curb side pick-up! While the kids are sleeping I jump on my phone and price shop (mostly ending on Amazon) for all the perfect necessities. Balloons, backdrops, napkins, plates, linens, and all other table setting décor.

3. Food / Dessert

If you’re not that into cooking or the weather doesn’t call for a BBQ, place an order from a restaurant nearby that delivers. Make a quick Costco run for all beverage options, appetizers, and dessert’s (fruit platters, mini brownie bites, cookies, even the cake)

Since we’re talking CAKE CAKE CAKE… insider tip: I order a plain two tier cake from the local grocery store and keep it in the freezer until right before the guests arrive so I could decorate it and not worry about it melting while displayed on the sweet table. You can find some wonderful edible decorations at Michaels or Amazon to jazz up the $30 cake by adding sprinkles, a topper, and some additional flare. Don’t forget the candles.

4. Entertainment

Don’t forget about the little ones. If they’re busy and having fun then the adults are busy and having fun. Here are some ideas; Arranging for a babysitter to play games with and watch the children, create a craft table with such items as playdough, coloring station, and or mini art kits), Magician, balloon artist, or bouncy castles are a fan favorite in my house.

At the end of the day, parties are all about bringing people together and having fun. Keeping this in mind throughout the process is a foolproof way to throw one of the best parties of all time. Look at you party planning!

Cheers Darling!

Nicole Abruzzo


This past year was filled with COVID friendly events including drive-by gatherings and small dinner parties. Prior to the pandemic we loved a good event/shower/party. Here are some of our final tips on the matter....Cookies are always a go-to. They double as décor and party favors and can highlight your event theme. Speaking of theme, we love to coordinate our outfits. Your guests can have fun dressing up too and it can add to the excitement of the event! We both dabbled in the world of balloons and have become pros at creating balloon arches and garland. Pro tip, be sure to blow the balloons up as close to the event as of in fact to ensure your décor looks it's best. The final step in party planning, create a themed playlist for your Bluetooth speaker! The best things in life are meant to be shared and that includes memories.

X0 - Katie and Amanda



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