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Story time can be just as important to parents as it is children. Amanda and I adore shutting out the world at the end of the day and entering our kid's imagination. Remi and Sonny both have personalized name books and they are certainly their favorites to choose from before cozying up in our corner rocking chairs. If you are debating on what gift to get for the holiday season, special event or birthday, this is the PERFECT GIFT!

Personalized books can help boost confidence and promote positive feelings which can lead to successful relationships in school, friendship and at home. Here are seven reasons kids benefit from Wonderbly!

  • Boosts reading confidence

  • Increases self-esteem

  • Skyrockets early learning and literacy skills

  • Develops empathy

  • Bridges the diversity gap

  • Shows kids they have limitless potential

  • Helps kids genuinely love reading!

Remi gifted Sonny the Wonderbly Where are You? book for his second birthday. This book is the first in a collection. During the story kids can explore six alternative universes, while spotting different versions of themselves along with other fun challenges and puzzles. The child's name and character can be customized in their illustrated adventurer. Buyers can design everything from skin tone, to hairstyle and hair color with over 750 possible options. Gifters have the option of adding a dedication page featuring a special message. Wonderbly's website lists recommendations for age groups so you are buying the perfect book at the perfect time.

Wonderbly knows the power of personalization and has created books for the EARLY YEARS, STARTING SCHOOL, and GROWING READERS ! Since 2012 this company has been apart of story time for over 6 million children (and grown-ups!) all over the world! It goes without saying that these books are educational. Our kids are learning new vocabulary words and picking up on social and visual cues. Reading enhances a child's memory and retention which certainly helps when their own name is showcased! Wonderbly books are also timeless. These books can be kept for years to come and never run out of life or batteries :).

Wonderbly is not just for kids, they have books for grown-ups as well! These personal gifts are a great way to say you are the best husband or share 10 reasons why you're my best friend. Wonderbly makes it simple to say to that special someone in your life! With plenty of varieties to choose from they make the perfect gift this holiday season. Orders will ship worldwide within 48 hours and are now available in Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese! Always get 15% off by using our code Hiccupsandheels promo code: WC4Z452 at checkout.

Happy Reading!

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