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PINK Bombi Gear Bebee

You can never have enough strollers - literally! As your kiddos grow they become more functional and that means you as a parent want to become more functional as well. As much as we LOVE our full-size Mockingbird (click to read review) and Uppababy (click to read review) strollers, they just aren't necessary for running errands and outings for toddlers. Amanda's family headed off to Disney a few months back and her Bombi Gear Bebee Lightweight Stroller did not disappoint. Read all about her navigating the Magic Kingdom with her Bebee here! Sonny loved his stroller so when Bombi recently dropped their Dusty PINK edition we couldn't wait to check it out for Remi! The PINK color fabric is stunning and light! In a world full of dark strollers, we'll take a pop of color any day!

What's the difference between full-size and travel/umbrella strollers (because yet this is just another thing on the list I did NOT think about)??? Most full-size strollers can weigh close to 30 pounds (without kids), they are bulky and meant to be a comfort and security for your newborns and babies. We lived life with our strollers not knowing how to function without them. Your kids start to grow and get bigger, that's where a travel stroller comes into play. Travel/umbrella strollers generally weigh about HALF that, and many weigh even less. The travel strollers are designed with a more compact footprint, smaller wheels and can fold up compact and are much more portable than a full-size.

This stroller is perfectly lightweight and compact enough to replace a traditional umbrella stroller, yet sturdy and comfortable enough to use everyday! The Bebee is the best of both worlds; full size comforts with compact convenience. In addition, it has one of the fastest folds (single handed too) you've ever seen. With a click of a button the Bebee folded and unfolded effortlessly. Unlike most umbrella or travel strollers the back has an infinite recline and adjustable foot rest making it ideal for naps. The XXL canopy with zip out extension gives littles the extra sun protection they need when traveling in warmer climates and the fabric protects against UV-A and UV-B rays. The magnetic canopy peek window makes it easy to check on your kiddo as you stroll along too. The 5 point harness has a quick release button and swing away bumper bar for easy accessibility in and out. The stroller can easily fit in the overhead bit on on an airplane and can hold up to 50 pounds!

The feature we love most about the Bebee after maneuverability and lightweight, compact design is the ample storage. This stroller has a large storage basket which is rare for compact stroller designs and even has a hidden pocket. There is a child storage pocket that we used for Remi's water bottle and could easily hold some toys or snacks. The Bebee even has a parent storage pocket on the back which conveniently fit my phone, hand sanitizer and a package of wipes with extra room to spare. This replaced the need for an additional stroller organizer on the handlebars.

The Bombi company is dedicated to saving the planet so their products and strollers are eco friendly. Each Bebee and travel bag saves 56 single use bottles from ending up in landfills because they use fabric made from at least 50% recycled bottles and they donate 1% of sales to 1% for the Planet. They also use premium vegan leather details for their designs. Don't fret over messes and spills because the fabric wipes clean easily! Remi spilled ice cream on it the first day we tested it out and the chocolate came out easily with water. A huge bonus is the Bombi Bebee has several accessories you can purchase in addition like a car seat adapter straps, weather pack, additional cup holder, rain cover, and mosquito net. The kids LOVE thier snack tray and use it to hold thier water bottles and treats when we are out on our adventures. Even though they have accessories to purchase the stroller includes a cup holder and travel bag! Choose from 6 + PINK color options that fit your style best.

If you are in the market for a light weight stroller to travel + run errands with - the Bebee is HH approved!! Promo Code: Hiccups20 for $20 off stroller and accessory purchase.

X0 - Katie

"Anything is possible with a little sunshine and a little pink"



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